« Westmount is a great residential area with beautiful homes and carefully tended gardens. It is close to downtown, which makes commuting easy and offers excellent services such as private schools, parks, sports facilities and public library, which cater to both young and old. Have you ever loitered along Greene Avenue or in Victoria Village (corner Sherbrooke & Victoria)? Trust me; you'll never regret moving here!! »

Lesley Wright, Sector specialist

Some History

The Village of Cote St-Antoine was founded in 1874 and later became the Town of Cote St. Antoine and then the Town of Westmount in 1895. During the period from 1895 to 1908 when the Town got its charter and became the City of Westmount, the area saw its greatest period of growth. Ambitious civic projects were undertaken and much of the framework for the City’s present status was established.

Some Geography

The city is roughly 4 km/sq, and occupies an area of land on the south face of the southern peak of Mount Royal. The city, most of which is on steep terrain, extends from the summit to the end of the narrow plateau at the foot of the mountain.

Some Data

As of December 2015, according to the ministère des Affaires municipales, des Régions et de l’Occupation du territoire of Quebec, the population of the City of Westmount was 20,621 residents Traditionally, the community of Westmount has been a wealthy and predominantly anglophone enclave, having been at one point the richest community in Canada.

Good to Know

During the twentieth century, Westmount became a wealthy Montreal suburb; a small city dotted with many green spaces. It was home to some of Montreal's wealthiest families including the Bronfmans and the Molsons.

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